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Jefferson City Motion Sensors Give You An Extra Level of Protection

You should think of motion sensors as a vital element of your home’s protection. The manner in which motion detectors in Jefferson City work is straightforward -- they detect human activity and notify your alarm. But do you understand that these tools do more than bolster your home’s defense? They can also help achieve a higher degree of convenience and energy savings to your daily routine.

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Motion Sensors Are An Essential Aspect Of A Robust Home Security System

If you expect that you’ll require a lot of motion sensors to properly defend your property, think again. As it happens, a lone device will detect activity in an area as big as 35 feet by 40 feet. Based on the square footage of your house and your distinct preferences, you may only have a need of a couple of sensors. These adaptable devices incorporate with other equipment and are able to be configured to do the following:

Whether you want to activate lighting, deliver notifications, or inform your monitoring team, your motion sensors are able to be set up however you wish to have. When motion is detected, a communication is sent to ADT Command, your central hub. This important piece of equipment will then take whatever task you have programmed.

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Boost Your Convenience And Reduce Energy Bills With Jefferson City Motion Sensors

Even though they are rightly known as security tools, Jefferson City motion sensors offer you additional benefits. Imagine getting up in the early hours to go check on your children and having your hallway lighting immediately turn on. Also, you could reduce energy bills by having lights automatically turn off when motion is no longer detected within an area. Besides walkways and common areas like living rooms, you could also put sensors in spots where you store important items, like a storage area or basement.

Pet Immunity Aids in Preventing False Alarms

Your ADT motion sensors in Jefferson City help you avoid false alarms by using pet immunity. This helpful technology permits you to modify levels of sensitivity so your four-legged companions less than 60 pounds won’t set off the alarm. Just let your knowledgeable ADT technician know precisely how you would like your motion sensor configured. Whenever you work with ADT, you won’t have to worry about your alarm going off every time your pet trots by.

Additional Specs of ADT Motion Sensors in Jefferson City

If you’re looking for further details, review the following:

  • 300-foot transmission range
  • You can expect a battery to last five years. You can receive notifications when power is low
  • Messaging with ADT Command interface are secured with 128-bit encryption
  • Functions on standard 2.4 GHz frequency for easy compatibility

ADT packages include one motion detection device but you may tailor your package however you like. You may choose wired and wireless options based on the sort of installation you want.

Get Motion Sensors With Your Jefferson City Home Security System

Enjoy the complete defense your family needs with an ADT home security installation in Jefferson City from Secure24 Alarm Systems. Smart components like motion sensors will keep your residence shielded from danger regardless of whether you’re on site or away. If you want to start the design of your system, contact (573) 200-8693 or submit the form below.